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December 4, 2008 by  

So you want to get on the web. It starts with a domain name — preferably one featuring your company, product or service.

But what if the name you want is taken? There are more than 100 million domain names registered worldwide, according to one domain registrar. Many websites are simply parking pages with Pay Per Click advertisements. ISPs and web hosters will often point unused domains to a parking webpage with PPC advertising.

In other words, most registered names are not being actively used. So if there’s a domain you must have, track down the owner and make an offer. The going rate for regional domains can be as low as $400 to $1,200. That’s a reasonable figure.

And in this economy, individuals or companies sitting — cybersquatting is the less flattering term — on a domain name may be more willing to part with one with a little negotiation.

Domains are real estate. If you think of it in those terms, then a good domain name is worth paying for.

I’m in the business of acquiring domains and helping others come up with the right fit for their venture. I recently brokered a deal between a regional sporting goods store and a domaineer for the rights to a domain that best represented their company.

But if you balk at paying big dollars for a name that’s already been registered, then I can help you dream up a whole host of options — names that have yet to be registered.

Even if you aren’t prepared to launch your web business yet, getting the name and adding it to your portfolio for future use is vital. Get yours now before someone else grabs it instead.

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