Bad Timing For Local Business

May 27, 2009

So you think you had bad timing. Here is an example of a high-profile local business that’s been struck down by the Great Recession. The good news is the New York Dragons pro football team, and Arena Football in general, look to move forward in 2010.

Check out the story from Dave Caldwell in The New York Times:

“EYLAN HARDING, the coach of the New York Dragons football team, has a windowless office so deep inside Nassau Coliseum that visitors might need a global positioning system to find it. He likes it that way. He can watch game film and work on his laptop in relative peace.

The Dragons’ 16-game Arena Football League season would normally be in full swing, but the league’s board, citing debt and higher expenses, canceled the 2009 schedule in December. Still, Mr. Harding and the rest of the scaled-down Dragons staff are preparing to resume play eventually.”

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