Keep It On Long Island

December 12, 2008

Just met with Felice Cantatore, the general manager of the Long Island Press. They are working on a new web portal that just might change the way you surf. It’s called KIOLI.ORG, short for Keep It On Long Island. And the vision is a big one.

KIOLI.ORG hopes to bypass Newsday and Craigslist as your one-stop reference point for everything Long Island. If you check out the Dec. 11-17 edition of the Long Island Press, you’ll find the centerfold is all about LIOLI.ORG. It’s point? Support home-grown businesses as opposed to big box retailers or even the Amazon.coms of the world.

The site is smart and insightful. I believe Cantatore, one of the driving forces behind the concept, and the Long Island Press have hit on something important. Especially in these dire financial times, if you are going to spend a dime, spend it where it will do the most good to the local eceonomy.

For example, KIOLI.ORG endorses Mario’s Pizzeria, a local chain, over California Pizza Kitchen. Or even P.C. Richard over Best Buy. (That’s a personal tough one for me, but I get the point.)

Anyway, check out the site and see how it can help your business grow.

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